Lifestyle Equities is a premier real estate investment company that acquires, redevelops, and repositions high-end, well located, value-add residential and commercial properties throughout the US. We are experts in streamlining projects, timelines, and costs to deliver noteworthy returns for our investors, never losing sight of the primary goal of generating revenue for our clients.


Lifestyle Equities Group is a privately held real estate investment company with tools and the expertise to analyze market trends, focus on what’s working, ignore what isn’t, and execute a game plan accordingly all while providing world-class services. Having worked with numerous national and international brokers, attorneys, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies as well as many large and small project owners, you have come to the right place.


Beth Underhill is the founder of Lifestyle Equities Group.  She has an extensive

background in construction, hospitality, and home renovations with a passion

for ensuring individuals and families have a safe, functional, and loving place

to either call home or an enjoyable place to visit.

Beth has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years, mastering the finance, 

marketing and client relations needed to run small business. As co-owner

of Outdoor Design Build , she has assisted in the creation of over $30mm

in outdoor living spaces in the Cincinnati area for over 23 years.  In addition,

er innovation with several other business ventures throughout the years

paved the way for other individuals and entities’ future opportunities. 


As a real estate investor, Beth has redeveloped over $4mm in single family

homes and has another $1mm slated for 2022. Lifestyle Equities Group is

Co-GP on over 500 multifamily units, holds equity in a hotel repositioning in

Panama along with an RV park in northeast Ohio, and is working to solidify two development opportunities. Beth hopes to impact the real estate market by using the same cutting-edge thoughts and processes that have yielded success in other ventures.


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