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Ranch house to real beauty!

The perfect starter home!

Traditional home with a twist!

Breathed new life into a family home!

Gave this lovely family home a fresh new look!

Old charm meets modern luxury!

A spellbinding end result!

Montgommery Renovation

Montgommery Renovation

This small family home was the perfect candidate for a fit and flip project. With its great location and potential, we saw a great opportunity to turn it into a beautiful and profitable home.

Anderson Hills Renovation

Anderson Hills Renovation

This cozy home was just waiting for an updgrade! Located in a lovely neighborhood with everything a small family could possibly need to get growing, we absolutely loved doing this fit and flip.

Turpin Hills Renovation

Turpin Hills Renovation

This beautiful home had all the qualities of an ideal renovation project. Given its prime location and untapped potential, we were excited about the prospect of transforming it into an attractive and lucrative property.

Oakley Renovation

We couldn't wait to get stuck into this fit and flip project! With its vast potential yet to be explored, we knew this was going to be a gorgeous glow up - with a great profit margin at the end of it.